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Next up: three earnest short games that all could have used a little more polish and all were going for a strong narrator's voice. (Through random chance, played together!)

IAG Alpha, Eunice, Shackles of Control )
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Next batch, a bunch more short web games. Let's Rob A Bank, Let's Explore Geography!, Instruction Set, +=x. And two longer games: Bogeyman and Escape from Dinosaur Island.

Reviews and spoilers inside )


Oct. 4th, 2018 07:56 pm
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It is that time of year when the Interactive Fiction Competition and the Coffeeneuring Challenge start, and I remember that I have blogs and despair of ever catching up on posts I meant to write.

Oh well. Time for some text adventures. I started with just a few minutes to dip my toes in, so I went scrolling through my personal sort for some short games...

But FIRST A PSA: the Interactive Fiction Competition could use judges! There are about 80 games, with little cover-art and synopses available, and a bunch of metadata (expected playtime, is this parser (type commands) or one of the newer web formats, although almost all the parser games are also available in a web interface, content warnings, etc.) Judges must play 5 to judge, and you play until you are done with the game (either by finishing it or being 100% DONE WITH IT, which happens) or you have spent two hours, at which point you record your rating and move on. So a max of ten hours to judge 5 games, but most of them are shorter than two hours. They're a mix of short heartfelt emotive pieces, one-room puzzlers, usually a healthy helping of cyberpunk dystopias (in the current political climate I don't know whether I should expect more or less of these...), classic dungeon crawlers, etc. Try a game!

Okay, so my first few games.

Dream Pieces 2, I Should Have Been That I Am, Bi Lines )

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