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2017-04-04 08:28 pm

Re: the most recent LJ migration

[ profile] antimony = [personal profile] antimony. Same username(s), same me. I'm not intending to delete my accounts, and I don't feel the need to back up ancient melodramatic posts, so my configuration will stay the same. I check my friendslist/readingcircle both places.
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2016-05-12 09:17 pm

kitty: doing better than she was

So I mentioned on FB, but not here, that Salem had a stroke on Friday; she's getting better, slowly; not sure if she'll ever be 100% back but she's now happy to cuddle on the couch and can get herself between a soft blanket on the floor and her food/water.

And then I was surfing elsewhere and came across this post generator meme and it told me to blog about:

i love my cat even though she smells like pee and i know she doesnt blog about flesh

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2016-02-06 02:40 pm

oh, internet

Ugh, why does searching for recipes bring up so many freaky patriarchal-devotional-mommy-wifey blogs? (And why do they have to have actually good recipes but if I made them the creep might wear off on me.

Ew. But I do think I know what I'm making for the work dessert potluck that is a) simple to make with one hand bandaged, b) fits in a 9x13 because I have a carrying bag for 9x13s that is easy to take on the T and c) actually tastes good and is not a repeat of what other people are bringing (i.e. not chocolate), at least not the last time I checked.

(The answer: key lime bars, since the internet (wifey blogs and big corporate food entities agree!) says that you can, in fact, put a standard key lime pie recipe in a 9x13 pan and end up with key lime bars that you can cut and serve in a reasonable fashion. The hardest part will be separating the eggs. I was originally going to do lemon pound cake, because it's super-simple, but I'd have to carry it and that's a pain.)
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2016-01-31 04:51 pm
Entry tags:

this is a "fuck cancer" post, but not as bad as that could be.

A broadcast message, since I've started telling folks piecemeal: it looks like I'm fine and cancer-free now, but I had a tumor removed from my thumb earlier this month, along with the last chunk of my left thumb (the entire joint containing the nail). They also took a bunch of lymph nodes out of my armpit to check, which were all clean, hooray.

So, cancer sucks, but they think I'm free of it, and now for my PSA: if your nails ever do something weird, go to the dermatologist ASAP.

This is likely going to cut down on my bike-riding goals for this year but I should be back on the bike soon; the thing that I expect to be hardest to relearn is video games, since 25+ years of console gaming muscle memory has been amputated along with the tip of my thumb.

Also, big thanks to the family and friends who helped out while this was going on; you know who you are.

(Manually x-posted to facebook, because not everyone is on LJ any more, alas.)
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2015-09-19 07:52 am

bye bye, kitty

I guess I updated on FB but not here -- Tigger was very ill, and we lost her a week ago. Today we scattered her ashes in the yard.

Salem seems to have entirely bounced back from her health crisis, which is good, although we're still a little worried about the Italy trip, even if we have an excellent pet-sitter and a friend coming to give her some company.

Here she is, a few years back, excited to explore the construction we were doing on the house. )
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2015-02-28 09:31 am


It's 9:30am on a weekend, and I've been up for a while -- mainly because I managed to go to bed at 10pm last night.

This seems like, without context, a good thing; sleep is good! Not getting my schedule too far off weekday-normal on a weekend is also good! But the reason is that I'm just exhausted, mostly due to the T. My 2-hour commute (each way) was already kind of dragging on me; usually it's fine, but right now I sort of want to have that time back. And then it started being ~3 hours a lot of the time.

So, so tired of it. I want to have time to spend at home with [ profile] dphilli1 before he heads up to bed (and not resent that he's enough of a morning person that he's getting up even earlier for a non-lengthy commute). I want to be able to cook dinner at home occasionally on weeknights. Blah.

I'm not actually going to do anything about it, except wait for spring when I can at least bike a significant amount of the time, which doesn't make it any faster, but does make it do double-duty.

ETA: and I think the snow may have killed all my bushes along the front of the front yard. Now, not being sick, I went out to try to unbury them, but if I dig down to where they are, the shovel just crumbles them. :(
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2015-02-24 08:30 pm

I have a new laptop!

Had the plague that is going around; it was vile, and [ profile] dphilli1 got it almost as badly, which is unusual. It's mostly departed, leaving only the fact that I managed to spittake/cough tea all over my laptop keyboard, rendering it inert (and the laptop cranky in various ways).

So, new laptop time. Everything is in the wrong place and strangely flat. Wah. I will be back to my usual lurking ways shortly, although since I never post much of anything I'm not sure anyone noticed I was less lurking.
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2014-11-25 02:07 pm

ranting about one social network on another

It's nice to have extended family added on facebook sometimes -- I can see how my cousins with health problems are doing, and see people's happy news, too.

And I usually can ignore the stream of Glenn Beck reshares, though eventually I might block both them and a few of the other major content generators (including liberal ones and I fucking love science) because I use facebook for seeing peoples lives, not their media. (I love that on twitter, though -- I'm [ profile] antimonysarah there and everyone should feel free to add.)

But JFC my aunt posting conservative race-baiting crap re: Ferguson when her own great-grandson is a little black boy growing up in central Ohio. The state where a 12 year old was just shot dead by cops for having a toy gun.
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2014-10-19 10:09 am

ifcomp, last batch

And here we have it; the last few games of the Comp.

Sigmund's Quest )
Krypteia )
Jesse Stavro's Doorway )
Paradox Corps )
Begscape, also contains more thoughts on With Those We Love Alive )
Origins )

And now to score stuff; I am one of those folks who curves scores; I always give 10s to my favorite game(s) even if I don't think they're perfect, and I generally use the whole range; I will be giving a 1 this year. Basically I put them in order from Best to Worst and then start assigning numbers. The number of really small games in the Comp is throwing me a bit; how do I rate a very good, completely bug/issue free, very short game compared to a mostly very-good long game with one or two issues? Not sure, but I have a tentative list.
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2014-10-16 09:00 pm

ifcomp, five by five (next to last batch!)

Next to last batch, and I have now played all but one game that I can play on my hardware, the reviews are just still to-be-edited. ETA: Milk Party Palace requires OS X 10.6 or above, so my little 10.5.8 laptop is no good. (That's kind of true in general, really, but I've been buying bike crap with all my disposable income, lately.)

Creatures Such as We )
Hunger Daemon )
Enigma )
HHH.exe )
The Entropy Cage )
Ugly Oafs )
Laterna Magica )

Last batch will be: Begscape, Origins, Sigmund's Quest, Krypteia, Jesse Stavro's Doorway, Milk Party Palace, and Paradox Corps. Milk Party Palace is the only one I haven't played yet; maybe tonight, maybe not until this weekend. I'll do a no-spoilers rec list then too. (I will be skipping Slasher Swamp, Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!, and Building the Right Stuff due to platform limitations.)
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2014-10-14 08:41 pm

ifcomp, fore!

I think these reviews may be coming off crankier than I am; I'm a software quality engineer and thus my reaction to "here, try this" is to list flaws. It's what I do. That said, this was not my favorite batch of games, so this batch is pretty harsh.

One Night Stand )
The Black Lily )
Following Me, also has spoilers for The Urge )
Hill 160 )
Tower )
Inward Narrow Crooked Lanes )

Next up: Creatures Such as We, Hunger Daemon, Enigma, HHH.exe, The Entropy Cage, Ugly Oafs, Laterna Magica.
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2014-10-11 09:54 pm

ifcomp, group 3!

I'm...probably going to make it through all the games that will play on my machine(s)! I'm not sure I've ever managed that while judging before. (And I don't care to dig up my old posts to to find out.) I'm about 3/4 through the games, though the ones I have left are larger parser games. These posts are just lagging as I polish them up from raw reactions.

The Secret Vaults of Kas the Betrayer )
Tea Ceremony )
Transparent )
AlethiCorp )
Arqon )
Icepunk )
Excelsior )

Next up: One Night Stand, The Black Lily, Following Me, Hill 160, Tower, Inward Narrow Crooked Lanes
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2014-10-09 09:01 pm

ifcomp reviews, batch 2

I feel like perhaps I should say more on how I rate games; I've scored a bunch of these competitions before, but the last time was in 2000 or so. And I haven't played much IF from the years in between; I've missed many chapters in innovation, both technological and artistic, and so I don't always know where a competition game is doing something new and where it's doing something that was done better in 2008 but I haven't seen before. I am not worrying about that, and am scoring on whether I liked it.

Also, I have two platforms to play on: an aged Mac laptop running OS X 10.5.8 and the corresponding version of Safari, and a version 1 iPad, also running its corresponding Safari. Both can be bogged down by very basic websites, and both are a little flaky. I've been playing most of the web games on the iPad while commuting on the T, and the interpreter games at home after I write down notes on the web games. (I have, at the point, played almost all the web games, but actually editing my notes hasn't caught up.) (And the numbering sequence of these reviews reflects the original shuffle list I had; if I was at home I played the next interpreter game on it, but I was playing web games as I felt like it.)

The Contortionist )
Fifteen Minutes )
The Urge )
At this point I got tired of doing the cutesy summaries, plus the next group included some games that felt like the author's first IF, and being snarky about the shortcomings of a first game isn't something I want to do, because all of them had something good about them and I'd like to see their authors keep writing.

Though the next game wasn't one of them; in fact, it wasn't the first game from this author in this competition.

Zest )
Unform )
Raik )
Missive )
And yet it moves )

Next up: The Secret Vaults of Kas the Betrayer, Tea Ceremony, Transparent, AlethiCorp, Arqon, Icepunk, Excelsior.
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2014-10-06 08:40 pm

ifcomp reviews, group 1!

So the annual Interactive Fiction Competition just started, and apparently we don't have to hold reviews until the end of the IF Comp any more, so I might as well post these as I play. (Feel free to wait until after to read if you're going to; I am going to do that with other people's reviews after feeling odd about reading a few which disagreed with me on games I've played.)

I'm not putting numerical ratings on now, as I do tend to grade on a curve for the comp. Instead, I'll just do pretentious hipster-restaurant menu descriptions. :)

I've mostly stayed spoiler-light with these reviews, so that they won't spoil the experience if a description sounds intriguing, but they're not spoiler-free.

With Those We Love Alive )
Eidolon )
Venus Meets Venus )
Caroline )

And those were the games I played on my first day. Next up: The Contortionist, Fifteen Minutes, Unform, The Urge, Zest, Missive.

Note: if linking, link to my ifcomp 2014 tag so that the spoiler cuts are intact.
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2014-08-01 02:11 pm

tact, you haz none

Ugh, this spin class substitute instructor.

If I come up to you after class, pull you aside where there are no other people, and quietly tell you that the reason I asked if we could have the lights on wasn't because I wanted to see the readout on the bike (which is also nice to be able to do) but because I can't hear you over the music without lipreading and didn't want to shout that with everyone there (work gym, so these are coworkers), the correct response is:

1. Turn away from me (music still on) while replying.
2. Walk back into the group of people.
3. Shout, oh, you wanted to LIPREAD, you should have said something then.
4. All of the above.

hint: none of these answers are correct.

I could have gone to gaming at lunchtime and then done one of my podcast spin sessions and had a better workout, blah. Especially since she was big on having us grind in very tough gears while seated, which is a quick way for me to re-tweak my knees, because I can push them harder than they can really take and not feel it until later.
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2014-05-04 08:44 pm

one track mind

literally all I have done this weekend is eat, sleep, and ride my bike. (Well, okay, not quite literally all, but about as close as one can come and still post to LJ to mention it.)

now to decide: more food or more sleep? no more bike. ow.
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2014-04-19 08:46 pm

(no subject)

spoilery Captain America: The Winter Soldier question behind the cut )

Icon in honor of how Cleveland is blatantly every city ever in the MCU, and it cracks me up.
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2014-03-15 05:43 pm

bike journal

I decided to go ahead and create a separate journal for bikey stuff, even though everyone who commented assured me they wouldn't mind more posting. I just sort of feel like keeping it separate, like I used to with my fandom and my regular journal, until the whole LJ/DW split made it four journals to keep up with and that turned into too much. We'll see.

I did, however, put it on LJ/DW so people can just add it if they like. (Also, the username I wanted was already taken on several other blogging sites. :) ) [personal profile] bikingandbaking/[ profile] bikingandbaking. Also [ profile] bikingandbaking is me if anyone cares. Although I mostly used that as a training log before switching to GDocs, and plan to port the ride reports over there to this new journal.

Inaugural post is up, rambling about running errands, with a lack of pretty pictures because my camera batteries were dead.
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2014-03-11 07:11 pm

pick things up and put them down

today was a dubious milestone: the first time I failed at the bench press and had to awkwardly wiggle out from under the bar. oops.

it is possibly the world pointing out to me that it is beautiful out today and it is time to stop lifting so much and riding more. 5+ pounds of upper body muscle are 5+ pounds to carry up every hill, after all. except that I hadn't brought the bike with me because I needed to stop at the drug store on my way home, and it's on my T ride home and not my bike ride home. and then I completely forgot to stop.

alas. I could go now, but I'm home and took off my shoes.
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2014-03-08 09:05 pm

sutton: a hilltop village

(title from an actualfacts sign -- which was accurate, though several other locales along my way could have contended for it)

It was nice to get out for a ride today that was just a ride -- not training*, no specific goals, just pedaling through new countryside. [ profile] dphilli1 had to be out at Purgatory Chasm this morning at early o'clock, so I dragged myself out of bed and went with him, plus bike. Which meant I was 60-odd miles from home without having to ride out and back, which was nice.

Not so nice was that it started with the climb to Sutton, while my legs were cold, and it took me a good 25 miles to really feel warmed up and loose. Which has become par for the course, which is just honestly kind of ridiculous -- legs, really?

It was good to be riding by myself -- I ended up doing a ride with a group ride two weeks that I hadn't intended to be a group ride, it just happened that way. That was an organized ride but go-at-your-own-pace; I was just barely fast enough to hang onto a group for a while, and once I started to falter they had decided I was Part Of The Group and they were keeping me, which meant a lot of hill-sprinting and pushing hard. All good things, but it was also nice to be beholden to no one but myself. Especially as I wasn't pushing the pace today -- I just rode until I was back at my front door.

Looking forward to the time change; after getting clipped last fall I haven't wanted to do my commute end-to-end in darkness, and it's been too cold for it to be fun anyway, but that should be changing.

* Well, right now time in the saddle is an important thing to train, because I need to get certain delicate anatomical structures used to sitting on a small brick for hours on end again after months of nothing longer than errands or spin classes. But I wasn't deliberately training anything.