Jan. 31st, 2016

antimony: The text "With what, your bare hands?" and a blinking cursor, as if at a computer prompt. (with your bare hands?)
A broadcast message, since I've started telling folks piecemeal: it looks like I'm fine and cancer-free now, but I had a tumor removed from my thumb earlier this month, along with the last chunk of my left thumb (the entire joint containing the nail). They also took a bunch of lymph nodes out of my armpit to check, which were all clean, hooray.

So, cancer sucks, but they think I'm free of it, and now for my PSA: if your nails ever do something weird, go to the dermatologist ASAP.

This is likely going to cut down on my bike-riding goals for this year but I should be back on the bike soon; the thing that I expect to be hardest to relearn is video games, since 25+ years of console gaming muscle memory has been amputated along with the tip of my thumb.

Also, big thanks to the family and friends who helped out while this was going on; you know who you are.

(Manually x-posted to facebook, because not everyone is on LJ any more, alas.)

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