Nebula winners

Jun. 24th, 2017 07:58 pm
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I don't think I ever posted about this - I honestly can't remember now if I heard about the winners when they came out in May or not.

Anyways, Nebula winners!

All the Birds in the Sky beat Obelisk Gate and Ninefox (and other things) for Novel; that was (and remains) my prediction for the Hugo as well.

Every Heart a Doorway beat Dream-Quest, Black Tom, and Taste of Honey for Novella, which is also my prediction for the Hugo. (Also, whoops, never read Runtime, I should do that.)

"The Long Fall Up", which I have not read (was in F&SF), won for Novelette, beating "Jewel&Lapidary" and "Surely Drown Here" (my prediction for the Hugo). Okay.

"Seasons of Glass and Iron" beat "Our Talons" and "Fist of Permutations" for Short Story, making me more optimistic it can beat them on the Hugo ballot too (I had predicted "Our Talons" but without confidence.)

Arrival beat Rogue One for Dramatic but I think Hidden Figures is going to pull more from Arrival than Rogue One on the Hugo ballot.

Arabella of Mars beat Newbery winner Girl Who Drank The Moon for the Norton. (Goal for next year: HAVE READ SOMETHING NOMINATED FOR THE NORTON.)

misc queer youth lit

Jun. 24th, 2017 03:49 pm
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Not Your Sidekick, C.B. Lee. Charming teen superhero YA science fiction romance. I suppose technically this is authorities-with-secrets but, I don't know, it never made me roll my eyes about it? Like there were reasons that these particular kids ended up in a position to uncover the lies and fight the system other than Their Innate Teen Resistance To Conformity or whatever. Anyways, I thought it was all pretty obvious but fun and nice and had some good character beats and I appreciate recommendable happy queer teen romance. I mean, adult readers might find it too young for them, but I like there being Good Books For Teens out there, if that's not too patronizing. I mean, I can see some young bisexual Asian girl being like "holy shit A Protagonist Like Me, and she gets the girl, eeee", I don't think we're even at the point yet where we have an abundance of those. I certainly remember compulsively rereading every teen romance I could get my hands on where the girl was taller than the boy (the pattern of many of my early crushes), which was, like, one Sweet Valley High novel and a novella in a collection I've never been able to track down again. Anyways, it turns out this is the first of a trilogy and the next one's going to focus on the trans shapeshifter character, yay.

When The Moon Was Ours, Anna-Marie McLemore. I picked this up because it won the 2016 Tiptree, and I admit I found it very slow going for awhile. Super-poetic magical realism family drama angst romance. I did eventually get through it and did enjoy some of the imagery and language, and how it unfolded, but I still kind of think it could have been about half as long for the actual story. But, much like the previous book, that may be because this book was not For Me; I totally think some young trans person is going to read this and it's going to be Their Book, the thing they write quotes from in their journal and get tattoos of when they turn 18, or at least put on their list of their ten books that most explain who they are. Older YA, if only because I'm not sure younger YA readers would have the patience for the style.

The Lotterys Plus One Emma Donoghue. Did I randomly find a book about a poly family on my library's middlegrade new books shelf? I *did*! Well, it turns out the two dads are married and the two moms are married and they're probably not polying much except to live in one giant house and have kids together, but, like, I am not trying to erase the distinctions here between romantic and familial love, but a middlegrade book probably isn't going to get much into that distinction anyways. This book is definitely from the wish-fulfillment-fantasy genre one might call "what kind of life would we make if money was no object" - there is an enormous lottery win in the backstory - and would probably make a fascinating period piece for people outside the contemporary-liberal cultural context, either past or future. The Lottery dream life is joyously racially and ethnically diverse, warmly accepting of disability and difference (we are very overtly taught the word "neurodiversity"), self-consciously Wacky (so many cutesy names and misheard words) and Unstructured (so much homeschooling) and Literate (some of the books that get name-dropped seem more random than others). I was... not entirely convinced on the main theme about adjusting to accepting a grandpa with dementia into their family instead of finding a dedicated care facility for him... his dementia is conveniently at just the right stage to elide some of the more gritty burdens of caregiving, and his racism and homophobia conveniently soften once he gets to know everybody (there is probably a book to be written that seriously grapples with the question of asking minor children to endure microaggressions in their own home in the name of non-institutionalized caregiving/loving generously, but it wasn't quite this book. probably needs to be own-voices.). And there's a few bits of other weirdness (an AFAB kid who says they're not a girl but is still given she/hers pronouns because they also don't claim to be a boy... I swear we have a good third pronoun for this situation...). But overall it was sweet and goofy and I've always had a fondness for the wacky slice-of-life adventures of characters with an abundance of family and money, going back to, like, Eight Cousins and Cheaper By The Dozen (which both have some uncomfortable racist content as I recall so yay for contemporary readevenvaguelyalikes). If you ever thought it would be cool if Dykes To Watch Out For and the Ramona Quimby series had a baby and it was a feelgood middlegrade, here you go!

Three sentences about 2017-06-19

Jun. 20th, 2017 04:59 am
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Monday oy. Busy day at work, lots of interruptions thanks to being on call, and plenty of other stuff to do besides. Got a few things done, and handled all the crises, including a short-notice bit of early-morning work tomorrow morning. After work, took the kids to Junie's school's year-end BBQ, which was windy but fun -- I mean, I didn't do anything but hang around and watch the kids, but they had fun. :^) Q really really wanted to try the dunk tank, so I bought them a couple of activity tickets, which they enjoyed; Junie used hers to join a couple of her friends in a couple rounds of the cake walk, but did not win any cakes. Made it home before the thunderstorms, a quick bath for Q, and both kids conked out quickly, and I should too 'cause I'm up at 04:30 tomorrow.

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more things I read for the Hugos

Jun. 19th, 2017 06:01 pm
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Rivers of London aka Midnight Riot, Ben Aaronovitch. Fun! I like this sort of thing (police procedural + geek discovers magic) and look forward to reading more in the series at some point. I wouldn't call it unmissable or anything but it was a fast read I wanted to keep reading.

Deadpool. I guess technically I watched this rather than read it. Did not enjoy (and am left baffled by how much my mother loved this movie (???)).

Leviathan Wakes, James S.A. Corey. So technically I didn't read this either, in that I started reading the pdf excerpt they gave me in the packet and it seemed to be missing lines at many of the page breaks, to the point where I found it unreadable. Also did the thing of describing what all the women looked like and none of the men and tralala life is too short to read dude authors who piss me off in the first chapter. Feel free to make the case for this book in a comment if you think it's worthy of a second chance; I am queued for it at the library so might get a readable copy one of these days.

Alien Stripper Boned From Behind By The T-Rex, Stix Hiscock. This was pleasantly not bad! I mean, I don't think it deserves a Hugo, but it was competently-written porn-comedy. The pole-dancing scene with the nipple lasers was fun. I thought there was a little too much dick (did dinosaurs even have dicks? come on, you're writing xeno, sexualize the cloaca) but it was better than watching Deadpool.

Ms. Marvel Vol 5: Super Famous. A strong installment of a terrific series. Ms. Marvel reminds me of Buffy at its best in how it literalizes issues, except with a much more diverse and interesting cast.

Paper Girls Vol 1. Super-compelling in characters, premise, and pacing; I can't wait to read volume 2.

Three sentences about 2017-06-18

Jun. 18th, 2017 09:23 pm
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Happy Fathers' Day! I was up too late the night before, and then J & L were up at like 05:30 (when the sun came up, so I can't entirely blame them, but still), and I too soon after. L and her folks had to hit the road early, so we handed L off at around 07:30; I encouraged Junie to go back to bed, and she expressed how as she was in fact feeling quite tired, but she wasn't able to fall back asleep, poor bug. She was awake and cheerful enough (as was Q) to go on our Fathers' Day adventure, though, which started at Beanstalk, the ropes course thing at the Jordan's Furniture complex in Reading. Amy had been with the kids before, but I never had, and had wanted to try it at Diggerland when we were there but they had a no-sandals policy and I didn't have other shoes, so I was psyched to climb around with them. I was somewhat hesitant at first, what with the whole fear of heights thing, but in fact there were lots of things to hold onto, and once I figured out which things didn't actually require me to grab them in a death grip in order to feel stable, I had a great time. Their zip line isn't anything spectacular, but is fun, so we spent much of our time doing that. Amy and Junie headed up to the higher section at one point; I was enjoying keeping Q company on the middle section, which he can do but needs some supervision, so I didn't go up there, but that's probably fine, it looked like more of the same but higher, so. We did that for about an hour, and then headed over to Friendly's for lunch, which was yummy as usual, and then home for a nap. I made orange chicken for dinner, gave the kids baths, Junie fell asleep nearly instantly (unsurprisingly :^), and now I'm gonna try to catch up on some sleep too as I head into a week on call.

Three sentences about 2017-06-17

Jun. 18th, 2017 09:15 pm
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An unusual Saturday for a change: I took Q to shotokan in the morning, while Amy took Junie to meet up with her friend L who moved away about a year ago, but who she's stayed in touch with (mostly via text messages relayed through the moms), and was in town for the weekend. I took a long nap after that, and then L came over in the late afternoon, to stay for dinner and overnight for Junie's first time hosting a friend for a sleepover! We inflated the inflatable air mattress that we'd gotten at Xmas when Amy's parents and sister were all in town, and J & L had a great time. I started a bedtime story with Q, which was fun, in which I made up a lot of the details, but he guided most of the choices -- I've found it frustrating to try to tell stories with him sometimes, because he uses a lot of pronouns that map to things in his head but which make it hard for me to keep track of, which guy is "him" and where is "there" and stuff. This worked well, he liked it a lot, and I then headed to bed after, although not super early given that everyone was up late due to the sleepover. :^)

Where are these bridges?

Jun. 17th, 2017 10:13 pm
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Four photos from a very old folder. Based on the date, I'm fairly sure I took them on the flight home to Boston from attending Minicon in Minneapolis with [profile] silentmachine. But I can't find any record of that flight so I don't know what stopover city I might've gone through. Click on the image to see all four photos; do you recognize those bridges?

Edit: Commenters have identified the first bridge as the Throgs Neck Bridge and the second one as the Verazzano Narrows Bridge (both in NYC).

Three sentences about 2017-06-16

Jun. 17th, 2017 09:02 am
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Got a bit more sleep last night, and a pretty good day. More progress at work, sputtering out at the end when I started looking at configuring our new Jenkins instance, and realizing that the previous Jenkins stuff I'd done had been on instances that other folks had already done a bunch of setup on, so lots of thing weren't where I expected, there weren't a lot of good examples to work from, etc. I'm figuring it out, and look forward to jumping back in over the weekend or on Monday. Home, leftovers for dinner because the Hardy BBQ was postponed due to rain, a couple games with the kids (Gold Digger, matching game), some Wee Free Men, bedtimes.

400k tomorrow!

Jun. 16th, 2017 05:09 pm
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I know, I never posted about LAST YEAR's 400k, I don't think, nor the Dart from that year or this one. Oops. Maybe I'll do a giant recap, maybe I'll fail miserably at it. (Short version: great! sub-22!) But for now, ramblings about tomorrow, a year after last year's 400k and a day before this year's.

Bike ready (fingers crossed) for tomorrow's 400k, and I think I am too. Only cycling-related dream so far this week included me telling someone else mid-ride that, actually, the hill we were climbing was the easiest way out of the valley, and that they'd be fine. As opposed to stress dreams of running late etc.
Not sure how much I want to try to push for a good time or if I want to find a posse and hang out, we'll see. (With how slow I am on hills compared to flats, having a posse *and* pushing basically only happens if riding with T. when he wants company more than he wants to drop me on climbs -- we spent a lot of last year's 400k riding together, for randonneuring values of riding together. Or occasionally there's a tandem that rides about my hill/flat pace on these rides, but I haven't seen them lately.)

Weather might influence that, since when it's beautiful I'm perfectly happy to just ride my bike myself, and not really stop at controls for more than a receipt -- in bad weather company makes the miles go quicker and I'm actually willing to stop and rest places like so many other people seem to want to do all the time. :)

Now, next weekends 2x200k -- *that* might try to break me, since each of the 200ks basically has as much climbing as this weekend's ride, and my legs won't be 100% recovered. We'll see. But it'll get me my ACP 200k for the year, since I'm aiming for a series.

Three sentences about 2017-06-15

Jun. 16th, 2017 01:08 pm
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Thursday, oof. Too late to bed, a restless night anyway, and up too early when Q came in to snuggle, led into a pretty tired day. I managed to get some stuff done at work anyway, although maybe not as quickly as I would have if I'd been more awake. I also headed home early, to help wrangle kids and the solar installer/inspector team: We passed our electrical inspection, so now need a building inspection and a new meter, and we'll be fully armed and operational. Probably early next week! Q went to his swimming lesson (after skipping the first three), which went well: His healing scalp injury seemed fine, and he reports having had a good time. He was tuckered out and didn't want to go to shotokan afterwards, so I took Junie to that while Amy took her parents to the airport, and Q tagged along with them. I ordered Thai food while at shotokan, and it showed up shortly after Junie and I got home, and then Amy and Q enjoyed theirs when they got home. Some baths and bedtimes, and I go thunk.

Three sentences about 2017-06-14

Jun. 15th, 2017 08:57 pm
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Got lots of sleep last night, which is good, 'cause it was a long day, but a pretty good one. :^) Got to a good point on things at work, where we've kind of wrapped up some stuff, and are ready to launch into the next stuff. After work, Amy and Chaos and I went to Alden & Harlow for dinner; it's a small-plates restaurant, we shared a bunch of tasty things, and some yummy desserts too, very nice. We then headed over to the ART for the final play of the current season, a "tango ballet" about Argentina in the 1970s and 1990s. The music and dancing were great; the Argentina-centric part of the plot was heartbreaking; the love-story part of the plot was cliche and somewhat to significantly annoying depending on which of our party you asked. :^) It wasn't a terrible example of the "pretty girl goes to the big city, meets handsome scoundrel, they fall in love" trope, but it's a trope that none of the three of us were in particular need of another example of, and merely non-awful wasn't enough for us to avoid rolling our eyes at it. The music and dancing were great, though, and it was very well done overall. Got home quite late from that, and thus didn't post until Thursday.

Three sentences about 2016-06-13

Jun. 13th, 2017 08:40 pm
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Hoof, a pretty useless day at work today, I helped with a variety of things but got very little done on the things I'm supposed to be doing. Q was playing with LEGOs outside my door at 06:00, which didn't help. :^p Came home, made tacos for dinner, Amy and the kids picked up Jim & Sue from the airport, everybody ate dinner and wandered around staying up late, now the grandparents are putting the kids to bed and I am putting myself to bed, 'cause I gotta get my brain back on track.

Three sentences about 2017-06-12

Jun. 13th, 2017 09:37 am
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Monday! Back at work, some good progress, some good planning. Home, tired, I must've done something but don't really remember what. :^p It's quite hot, we're experimenting with having only one AC downstairs, and the most convenient place is the guest room, and actually does a pretty good job of cooling off the downstairs, at least to the point where it's mild and not too humid, rather than sweltering. The upstairs, however, is sweltering -- we have an AC in our bedroom window, but the kids' rooms, the hallway, and the bathroom are all very terrible when it's 95F and humid. We could open the bedroom door there, but we figure that most of the cool air would just pour down the stairs; but we've done it before, and might again if it gets too hot for a while again. It's supposed to cool off on Tuesday night, so we'll see.

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Three sentences about 2017-06-11

Jun. 11th, 2017 09:36 pm
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Another pretty low-key day, up with kids and made waffles. Then to Hardy with Q for the first of what will likely be a couple of incoming-kindergartner meetups, at which he played with one other kid pretty much the whole time, joined by a couple of others at other times, and I mostly read and otherwise noodled around on my phone. Many of the other parents were mingling, but I'm not just not all that interested in meeting the parents of the kids' random classmates -- their friends' parents, sure, but at this point everyone is just a new stranger, I'm not going to remember anyone's name anyway, and I'm neither new in town and want to meet people and learn things about Hardy, nor sufficiently connected to be very useful to anyone who *is* new in town and wants to learn thins about Hardy. And that's basically all ok, but I sometimes feel awkward at these things just hanging around by myself for two hours. I did chat with the mom of the kid Q was playing with, but only briefly on our way out; I imagine we'll have more time to actually chat if the kids end up becoming friends, and that there's not a lot of point in making a lot of small talk if they don't. :^) Home after that, made lunches, took a nap, made Thai yellow curry chicken and peas and carrots with garlic naan for dinner while the kids and Amy finished Airbender (I watched some too in and out, but had to focus on cooking at various points), which they liked a lot. Dinner, baths, bedtimes, and now I should go sleep soon too.

Three sentences about 2017-06-10

Jun. 11th, 2017 09:34 pm
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Oof, I have fallen behind. Saturday, hmm, what. Playing with the kids in the morning, Junie to shotokan and then shopping, and a nice nap. Then over to Michael & Lisa's for dinner, home kinda late, baths for some kids, bed quite late, but a nice and low-key day all told.

Three sentences about 2017-06-09

Jun. 10th, 2017 08:09 pm
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A short but fast and productive day in the morning, on the containers and microservices project, got to a good point for the end of the week and we'll launch into more stuff next week. The afternoon was's annual Day Of Service Day, an optional event whereby people have the option to take the afternoon off (with pay) to participate in one of several community-service type activities around the area. My group this year was helping out at Drumlin Farm, where we helped plant sweet potatoes and winter squash, and do some weeding. We got dirty and muddy and rained on at one point, which was all fine; I also got unpleasantly lightheaded at one point, when I stood up quickly after being down low weeding for a while, I suspect because I hadn't eaten anything beforehand, so that's a good thing to know -- usually my late afternoons don't involve anything more strenuous than walking down a flight of stairs. I was having at least a light dinner before frisbee, during frisbee season, and had no trouble at all, so I imagine I'll be fine with afternoon frisbee, should it ever not rain on a weekend, if I have something to eat first. I drank a bunch of water and felt fine after a few minutes, and for the rest of the day. Except for being very tired, so I collapsed into bed as soon as the kids were asleep.
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