Three sentences about 2017-05-24

May. 24th, 2017 09:00 pm
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Oh, so tired. :^p Up, kids, walked Junie to school, drove to work. Some continuing sloggy progress on the short-term microservices project, no progress on the long-term containers project. Lunch with a vendor, which was tasty and enjoyable, but I'm not used to eating a big meal in the middle of the day any more, and shit goddamn was I zonked after that. Slogged through the rest of the day, shopped at TJ's on the way home, made Curry MacCheese for the kids for dinner, played some Go Fish with the kids after dinner, bedtimes. Very tired now. SLEEP.

Elm St Pedestrian Concept

May. 24th, 2017 01:21 pm
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What are your thoughts on this sketch of what Davis would look like with Elm St turned into a pedestrian-only area?

Deliveries could drive through during off peak hours. Buses would get a huge boost with the bus lane and better symmetry and turnarounds.

I'd especially like feedback on bikability. I didn't manage to fit bike lanes in anywhere, and we'd lose the door zone lane on Highland, but that'd be made up for by having a smaller slower intersection. Perhaps bikes could also share the bus lane? Would a 2-way cycletrack through the pedestrian area be too disruptive?

I'm also discussing it on twitter:

Three sentences about 2017-05-23

May. 24th, 2017 10:07 am
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Long day today, oof. We were all running late in the morning, so I dropped Junie off by car on my way to work. Spent way too much of the day banging on stupid things that we don't really need, but which I really wanted to finish, but eventually had to admit were too complicated and gave up on. Made some progress on a couple of other fronts in the afternoon, Amy made delicious butternut squash flatbread pizza for dinner, did baths and bedtime with the kids, and then was up until like 23:30 doing more work stuff, as a couple of people who I'd needed to talk to during the day were suddenly all around and feeling chatty. Some good progress there, but pretty bad from a sleep perspective, which is already in pretty bad shape. :^(

Fire at Redbones

May. 24th, 2017 07:03 am
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 I originally saw this on their facebook page yesterday. 

The Globe article is linked here, but is not particularly explanatory so if you don't subscribe, don't bother. 

Specifically, they hope to re-open Friday and are rescheduling the Pig Roast and Cider Tasting that was scheduled for this week. 

I spy with my little eye

May. 23rd, 2017 08:40 pm
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Something that looks like kayaks and paddleboards at the Blessing of the Bay boathouse. I have begged for years for them to rent more that those huge canoes, and it looks like it's gonna happen.

I haven't seen anything about this program, but I found this page that suggests there will be rental days.

Photos below the dw cut (if I can figure out how)....
Read more... )

Three sentences about 2017-05-22

May. 22nd, 2017 10:14 pm
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Back to work, no longer on call, yay. First, actually, I had a routine annual checkup type doctor's appointment, which was pleasantly routine and uninteresting. Then to the office, progress on various fronts, too much to do, still too tired. Amy made a tasty butternut squash lasagna type thing for dinner, and we had time to do a bunch of fun stuff with the kids afterwards, including a particularly gripping bit of Wee Free Men. We're still talking about it afterwards for a few minutes each time we read it, and Q still does seem to be following it at least somewhat, if perhaps not quite as thoroughly as Junie. After they were in bed, I took apart my phone, and swapped in the battery from my old phone, which was working fine, replacing the one that was performing very terribly. (Have I not posted about this? At first it was dying when it claimed to have 30% of its power left, then 50%, then when I did anything that seemed to "use a lot of power", like taking a couple of pictures, installing app updates, something else I've forgotten what now. The swapped-in one's been playing the ten-hour loop of Tosche Station for the past 45 mins, and still says it has 80% left, so I'm optimistic. Taking the phone(s) apart and putting them back together again was slightly harrowing, but it worked, so hey. Now my own battery is running now, time for some sleeping.

Approximately weekly diet report )

Three sentences about 2017-05-21

May. 21st, 2017 11:09 pm
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A much lower key day today. Junie had a playdate with a friend in the morning; around lunchtime, in the converse of what we'd done two weeks ago, Kyla & Joshua dropped off five-year-old Z this time, and took eight-month-old A with them to a thing they were doing that was fine for a baby in a carrier but not so god for a kindergartener. Junie took the three of them to a playground after lunch while I napped, which was delightful, and then made dinner too, which was tasty, and I then did some baths and a bedtime, caught up on various logistical things, and am now headed to bed.

Oh, one other thing, hammock! I found that I could hang it from the support posts on the deck, which would be perfect if I had anything *else* in the yard to hang the other end from, but was actually sort of ok just between two posts on the deck. It's a little low, but usable, and I actually started my nap there before it got a bit too hot in the direct sun. So it's not perfect, but I think it's good enough that I don't need to buy a hammock stand, and can do some further experimenting in the coming weeks.

Three sentences about 2017-05-20

May. 21st, 2017 10:56 pm
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(posted a bit late)

A long and full day today. Took Q to shotokan in the morning, but not Junie, because she was headed to a friend's birthday party at noon, right in the middle of her class. Amy took her to that; Q meanwhile had a birthday part for two of his friends (twins) at 12:30, so he and I headed over to that. After all the parties, we met up with Chaos back at our place, and headed out to REI to take advantage of their big anniversary sale, although only after I got paged and had to spend a bit of time dealing with work. Trip successful, though! I returned the smaller of the two hammocks I'd tried, and we bought four sleeping pads, three sleeping bags, two turtledoves, and a tent! They didn't have the sleeping bag Amy wanted, so that's still on the list, and we'll need some other gear before we actually go on a weekend (or longer) camping trip, but we now have pretty much everything we'd need for the kids (and possibly me, but maybe just them) to spend the night in the tent in the backyard, which is probably the next prep step. We then went to Friendly's for dinner afterwards, and then home for baths and bed.

After the kids were in bed, Amy and Chaos and I watched Deadpool, because it was nominated for a Hugo, and didn't think much of it. I can't speak in detail for them, but from my point of view, most of its small problems were that most of its humor was the kind of smartass stuff that smartass white-boy teenagers think is hilarious, while making fun of various non-white-boy-teenager demographics, like women, black people, blind people, old people, fat people, etc. The wisecracks sometimes made me smirk, but a vast lot of it made me roll my eyes. I'm sure 14 year old me would've thought it was all the bestest and funniest fuckin' thing. Even aside from that, though, its big problem for me was the premise on which the whole plot was based: That Wilson was so horribly disfigured that he abandoned the love of his life, his absolute soulmate, because he didn't think she could possibly love someone as ugly as him. Which, you know, is maybe an interesting story -- except that at least in this movie, the character looked more like "ruggedly scarred" than like "sanity-meltingly hideous". I guess that real people with severe facial burns, or victims of acid attacks, or any number of other vastly more disfiguring conditions than ol' Wade here, are just fundamentally unlovable, eh? If you want to tell a Beauty And The Beast story, in which the only thing greater than the Beast's impossible hideousness is the couple's impossible love for each other, ya gotta at least make sure your Beast is unquestionably, appallingly, disgustingly hideous.

Three sentences about 2017-05-19

May. 20th, 2017 12:15 am
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Still tired, and a fairly weird but enjoyable day today. I walked Junie to school, then worked from home for an hour or so before heading out to REI, where I wanted to pick up an on-sale hammock from their big anniversary sale, and see if I liked it enough to want to invest in an expensive hammock stand, or a couple posts in the backyard to hang it from, or something. (We don't have any suitable trees in the backyard, alas.) I wasn't sure what size I wanted, so I picked up an ENO SingleNest and a DoubleNest, and a set of Atlas XL straps, and figured I'd try them out and return either all of them if I didn't like them, or one of them once I tried them and figured out which one I liked better. I then headed to work, for a day mostly filled with meetings, and then left a little early, stopping by Prospect Hill Park on the way home for some testing. They were super easy to hang from a pair of trees, and I liked them both; I think the extra room in the DoubleNest is worth the extra $10, so I'll probably keep that one, if I can figure out a way to hang it. (I'm not totally convinced that two people could sleep comfortably in there, but I suppose it's not a whole lot smaller than a small two-person tent, and with a head at each end it'd probably be doable. I am convinced that two people could lie around in it in the backyard, such as me and a kid, or possibly even me and two kids, although they're probably squirmy enough that hilarity (of the falling out kind) would ensue.) So now I need to think a little more about the pros and cons of a hammock stand vs planting some posts somewhere in the yard; will probably think out loud more about that in the near future

Anyway, I headed home, shopping at TJ's on the way, and got a bit more work done before Amy came home with the kids from a shopping trip to Target. Junie got new sneakers, as her old ones were falling apart, and got the exact same kind but bigger, which made her happy -- she really likes her current pair, and was super sad about losing them. I then headed out to frisbee, a double-header for our team and the last week of the season. It was fun, although very windy; one of the players is very skilled, and handles the disc a lot, but has certain people he likes to throw to, and doesn't seem to really see people who aren't on his list, and I am sadly not on his list. He was also giving other folks some grief about their poor throws (their poor decisions to make difficult throws into the high wind, really), which was to some extent warranted, but he also kept trying difficult throws, and sometimes missing them and it was especially frustrating when someone (e.g. me) was open for an easier throw, but apparently invisible to him. On the plus side, I've gotten better at figuring out where to be and how to get open, and when someone *else* had the disc, I got a couple of got passes, a couple of which I managed to make a good throw after receiving too, so that's all right. Came home and got a bit more work done, but now it's quite late, and time for bed.

Help me read your posts

May. 20th, 2017 12:04 am
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I haven't been reading dreamwidth nearly as much as I used to read livejournal, because I find the default reading page really hard to read, and it kind of repels me. Due to the unpleasant experience, I just don't visit as often. But I haven't had time to try to figure out how to fix it, and the few FAQs and settings I found were either confusing or just didn't seem to address the issue.

On LiveJournal, I had a "friends page" setup that worked really well for me, for many years. What I liked about it that I wish I could have here includes:
  • Clear separation between different entries, in the form of a wide colored divider bar across the page. On LJ that bar was also where the title of the next post would be, but I don't need that specifically; just a clear visual separation between posts.

  • Userpics did not take up their own vertical space. Instead they appeared on the left sidebar, next to the post. [Edit: This is especially bad on comments; I want userpics not to take up vertical space in the comment section either.]

  • I could pick a unique combination of foreground and background color for each person. The post itself didn't appear in that combo, but the post was outlined by the background color, and the post title and person's username would appear in the foreground color I chose. This let me easily "recognize" whose post I was looking at by color.

Is there any way to make my reading page on dreamwidth like that? What do I need to do?


May. 19th, 2017 01:04 pm
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I am so happy.

I can't write a review, because Megan Whalen Turner book. (The MATCHLESS SATISFACTION omg you guys.)

I did a complete reread of the series before reading it and am glad I did. I imagine some people might read this one and then go back and reread others and enjoy them in that direction too.


Three sentences about 2017-05-18

May. 18th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Still tired, still blurry. Up early for our weekly site release, which went fine; dropped Junie off on the way to work (it's been walking weather lately, but we were running late). Had an ok day at work, some clarity about some May Project plans, some progress on reanimated April Project stuff come back from the dead. Home, made Curry MacCheese for dinner, baths, installed a window AC upstairs 'cause it's freakin' hot, another hour or so of work. Done with that now, time for bed!

Three sentences about 2017-05-17

May. 18th, 2017 09:03 am
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Tired, blurry, hmm. Early-morning work went fine, had time to go back to bed for another hour or two afterwards but had a hard time falling back asleep, dozed a bit but not much. Shopped at Costco on the way home for more blueberries and more spinach, came home and made orange chicken and broccoli and carrots, did some kid baths and bedtime, quarreled with Junie a bit but made up before bedtime, and got to bed myself ASAP as it's another early day tomorrow.

I Attended Maxine Waters's Town Hall

May. 17th, 2017 08:26 pm
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I saw Maxine Waters on Saturday, and started a writeup on Sunday, and I came back to finish it on Wednesday, and it all seems so quaint.

It was going to be matter-of-fact and informational, but I can't even deal with that now.

On Friday, I was feeling super stressed about politics, and getting out into the community and hearing my new Congressperson talk frankly about the appalling nature of the current administration, including calls for investigation and impeachment, was heartening.

I was really hoping for that feeling to last for at least a workweek, but nope.

Anyway, the Town Hall was held in Inglewood, representing the core of Waters' district demographic: mostly Black, with some Latino. There were less than a handful of pro-Trump protestors, who got loud and then quickly left, presumably after they got the shot they felt they needed for their YouTube video. The session was mostly informational, with an extremely limited Q&A at the end.

Key points were healthcare, housing, and the incompetence of the administration. Most of the healthcare stuff I knew, but I hadn't been aware of all of the ways federal funding affected local efforts to combat the housing shortage in Los Angeles. Waters also brought a member of the Los Angeles Times editorial board to discuss the paper's recent series Our Dishonest President, and she spent time detailing the unqualifications of several administration members and cabinet appointees, including racism, sexism, inexperience, and foreign influence.

I know that Waters has been getting national attention for having a consistent anti-Trump message since the primaries, as I've been seeing her in tweets and comments from friends far away from the district. In her closing speech, she seemed not only cognizant of the issues facing young Americans of color, but excited to help amplify those concerns.
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^ Asking for a neighbor who is not on Davis Sq DW. Please contact me if you have a slide projector to loan. Thanks!

Three sentences about 2017-05-16

May. 16th, 2017 08:31 pm
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An ok day today, work was surprisingly un-interrupty and I managed to make some good progress on a thing that is not the May Project, but is fun and pretty useful if it actually works, which it looks like it's going to. (Using a proposed (but not yet merged) new Ansible module for managing AWS ALBs.) Enjoyed a bit more work, out on the deck, in the gorgeous weather (77F and breezy), Amy made a delicious dinner of corn on the cob, and portobello mushrooms stuffed with hardboiled egg, feta, and cottage cheese, mmm. Baths, Wee Free Men, and bedtime with kids, an on call thing at work that is mostly in other people's court now, and now bedtime for me, as I'm up at 03:30 for Wednesday on call work, whee.

Public forum on gas leaks

May. 16th, 2017 09:06 pm
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At the Ward 5 Resistat this evening, I was reminded of an upcoming event by the Mothers Out Front representative. They are concerned with gas leaks from aging pipes throughout our city. These have been mapped and tagged, but there's a lot more to be done to get them fixed.

These gas leaks are even enough to be registered on our city's greenhouse gas assessment as something that should be reduced as we aim for carbon neutral city status. 

MOF are hosting a public forum on Saturday on this issue:  Facebook details

Non-facebook details:

Quick summary info: 
On SATURDAY, MAY 20th at 2 p.m. at the East Somerville Community School we will hold a public forum on gas leaks with Somerville state rep Christine Barber (sponsor of key upcoming gas leaks legislation), other elected officials and experts and representatives from National Grid and Eversource.
[personal profile] lancedavisward6 posting in [community profile] davis_square
Public Meeting Wednesday, May 17 6:00 Kennedy School Library regarding the Summer St/Shaft Site Development:

(Don't know how to do a cut here... sorry)
RTNs 3-33735 AND 3-34098

A release of oil and/or hazardous materials has occurred at this location, which is a disposal site as defined by M.G.L. c. 21E, §2 and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, 310 CMR 40.0000. On March 8, 2017, 351 Summer LLC received a petition from residents in Somerville requesting public involvement in any Immediate Response Actions and/or Release Abatement Measures taking place at this disposal site, in accordance with M.G.L. c. 21E §14(a) and 310 CMR 40.1403(9). As a result, a public meeting will be held in the 3rd Floor Library at the John F. Kennedy School, 5 Cherry Street, Somerville, MA at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 to present information on completed Immediate Response Actions and planned Release Abatement Measures and solicit public comment on same.

Any questions regarding this meeting should be directed to Robert H. Bird, LSP, EnviroTrac Ltd., 2 Merchant Street, Suite 2, Sharon, MA 02067, (781) 793-0074.

The disposal site file can be viewed at the MassDEP website using Release Tracking Numbers (RTNs) 3-33735 and 3-34098 at or at the MassDEP Northeast Regional Office, 205B Lowell Street,Wilmington, MA 01887. A public information repository has been established at the Somerville Central Library, 79 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143.

Three sentences about 2017-05-15

May. 15th, 2017 10:56 pm
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Monday, oof. Failed to GTFTS last night, vaguely sluggish all day, but I'm on call so it doesn't matter too much, but it does affect my ability to get other stuff done while dealing with the interrupts. (On my team, the main thing the on call person does is deal with interrupts, which has the nice effect of freeing up everyone else to focus on project work. We also sometimes get paged in the middle of the night, and these days generally have to do two bits of early-morning work, but all in all it's not too bad.) Shopped at TJ's on the way home, picking up some fancy balsamic vinegar ("red label", i.e. fancier "regular" but not as fancy as "gold label"), which I tried on a spinach salad; it was fine, I dipped my finger in a bit of it and the regular type and didn't find them all that different, who knows.

(Did I mention the spinach salad thing? A couple of times in the past week, I've had a big bowl of baby spinach, about half of an eight or ten ounce bag, with balsamic vinegar as dressing. One time, I tossed the dregs of a bag of TJ's coconut cashews on top, which was nice but added sugar I don't need; tonight, I tried a handful of TJ's plain old low-salt cashews, which were nice, especially as they and the balsamic vinegar sank to the bottom of the bowl and the former absorbed the latter. :^) Anyway, I probably won't do it every night, but I'd like to do it a couple times a week.)

Anyway, Amy made tasty pasta for dinner, and I played some memory matching game with the kids between dinner and bed. Poor Q was *very* sad about not winning any of the three games; he's really hard on himself, and just generally full of energy and anger and enthusiasm and frustration in approximately equal measure these days. It's hard to be five, but we're workin 'on it. I then did a bit of work and a bit of Button Men, stayed up too late again, and am now for real off to bed.

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Three sentences about 2017-05-14

May. 14th, 2017 08:57 pm
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Happy Mothers Day! A low-key indoor rainy day here. I slept in until 08:00, which was delightful, and they kids were eating breakfast when they got up, entirely on their own. They (especially Junie, but also Q) are so big! After breakfast, Quentin and I played a full game of One Deck Dungeon, with the Paladin and the Rogue taking on the Dragon's Cave. It was fun, but slow, because he really doesn't have the patience to sit still and play an hour-long game, but he really wants to keep playing -- so it's not that he gets bored and wants to stop, it's that he can't stop moving. :^) He also *loves* to try to figure things out, and explain in elaborate and confusing detail to me what would happen if it was a one-player game and just the Paladin so she had five health but that box was only a 2 so we could cover it with this die but then if we couldn't cover this other box and took four damage, then we'd LOSE. Which is all sort of true, but has virtually nothing to do with what's actually going on in the game we're actually playing... So the hour-long game took a little under three hours, and I was pretty tired of trying to get him to stop bumping the table and bumping his character and bumping his cards and otherwise crashing into things, by the end. I'd do it again? Probably? But maybe not right away.

Anyway, after all that, we had lunch, and then watched Episode 7, which all of us but Quentin had seen, and we were a little worried would be too intense for him, but he seems to have handled it ok. He may be getting into Kylo Ren, which I am not so thrilled about, as I think KR is kind of a whiny moody jerk, but we'll see. Junie enjoyed watching it again too. A bit more puttering around after that, and then off to Mr Sushi for a Mothers Day dinner: We'd heard good things about them, their menu had lots of interesting rolls (which Amy is especially into), and our overall review was that they're better than Wafu Ya (aka "neo-Bluefin"), about on par with Genki-Ya, and with more things we haven't tried yet, so we expect we'll be back. Home, baths, bedtimes, and now I'm wrapping up and not staying up too late before heading into a week on call.

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