Three sentences about 2017-04-23

Apr. 23rd, 2017 10:23 pm
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Playdatetastic! A preschool friend of Junie's came over to play this morning, while Q and I took apart his various hybrid Bionicles with the goal of rustling up all the pieces to make one of them by the book -- he both enjoys following the instructions to make the guys from the kits, and also doing his own thing to make various wacky creations. :^) The kids had lunch, outside on the deck because the weather was gorgeous, and I sat down on the deck to chat with them at some point, and then lay down on the deck, and then took a brief nap there, basking in the sun, it was great. I'm somewhat interested in getting a hammock, but don't know much about them: It's always tempted to get things from REI, and a hammock like this ENO SingleNest ( isn't hugely expensive, but we don't have well-placed trees to tie it to in the backyard, so I'd need to get a stand, and *those* seem to be hugely expensive, like this ENO SoloPod stand ( There are cheaper ones other places, but I wonder whether they'd fall apart, rust, or have other problems. And how much would I really use it? Probably some; but not daily, and maybe not even weekly, and that's a lot of money to spend on something I'd use once or twice a month.

Anyway, we digress! After lunch, we headed over to Thompson School to meet another preschool friend of Junie's, plus younger sibling; younger sibling is a year older than Q, and when we get together the three older kids tend to play together, so I ran around with Q a bunch, which was fun too. We then headed back home, picked up Amy, and headed over to the Wilks' for yet more playing, followed by dinner (Thai) and gaming (Genial; the kids did ok, J better than Q, I won but it was close). I felt a little awkward that the four of us ended up playing a game together while everyone else played other things; it might have been nice to mingle a bit more, but we didn't plan it out well, I had brought BRAWL but left it in the car because we weren't sure if we were going to stay for a game, and it wasn't clear that anyone else there was even remotely interested in playing a game with our kids (possibly in part because the parents and parental figures were putting the Wilk kids to bed -- they might be more likely suspects for this sort of thing in general). On further reflection, a nice way to do it might be to try to get one game with Junie and a grownup and another with Q and a grownup; Q can play simple games that grownups still enjoy, like Fluxx or Aquarius or Incan Gold, while Junie can do those or slightly more complicated things, so it seems possible. I also don't mind playing games with just the four of us, but we can do that at our own house, and not have a twenty minute drive home afterwards. :^) But it was nice to see folks for dinner, and the kids did get to learn a new game that we don't personally own, so it wasn't like a *bad* experience. Just thinking about ways to improve it for next time.

Three sentences about 2017-04-22

Apr. 22nd, 2017 08:42 pm
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Happy Earth Day! Science Day! Earth Science Day! Whatever. :^) I played with the kids in the morning, including a three-player game of Forbidden Island on Normal level, with Pilot, Engineer, and Explorer, which we won surprisingly easily -- I think in large part because we got very lucky with treasure cards, not turning up a single Air in the first couple of turns, so we quickly had four each of Earth, Fire, and Water. We scored those, defended the crucial tiles, picked the Air we needed, and took a pretty easy victory. After that, we headed down to Boston Common for the Science March, but only stayed for a bit because we had tickets to Wild Kratts Live at 14:00. This was a stage show based on the popular kids cartoon, which the kids liked but was immensely stupid. :^) The special effects were unimpressive, in the sense of "basically non-existent"; it wasn't like a live episode with a story, it was more like a presentation to the audience (there was no fourth wall), etc. The kids thought it was great, which was the main thing. :^) We were planning to have dinner at the nearby Boston location of Fire+Ice, since the Cambridge location closed, but it turns that even at at 16:30 on a Saturday, there was a 2.5 hour wait if you didn't have a reservation, which we didn't. :^p So we took the T back to Alewife, placed an online order to Genki-Ya while we rode, took the car from the garage and drove over to pick it up, and enjoyed delicious take-out sushi. Baths and to bed, and I am ka-thunk as well.

Three sentences about 2017-04-21

Apr. 22nd, 2017 12:34 am
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Hoy, another frustrating day of wrestling with the Ansible 2.3 upgrade, but I really have finally actually wrestled it into submission this time, finding enough tract to defeat the intractable bug. Amy made soup for dinner, which was tasty, and I then did baths and one scene of Wee Free Men with the kids before heading out to frisbee. It was cold and rainy, but fun! I was not tremendously involved in very many plays, as usual, but I was open for two breakaway chances that the thrower botched, made another good breakaway chance that we converted into a point, and caught a point after some solid (and tough) goal line offense. The rest of the time, I was mostly playing deep, and mostly serving to pull the other team's best defensive players out of where he could do anything else useful. :^) So even when I didn't touch the disc for several points in a row, neither did the other team's best defensive player make any defensive plays, and he had some really good ones when I was *not* on the field. And I'm getting a better sense of what to do as a deep receiver against a zone defense, so that's nice. Home, some catching up on various computery things, and now it's late and time to go clonk.
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It's tonight at 8:30. Couldn't get a babysitter for tonight, so my wife can't make it. The third ticket was for my friend, who's also not able to make it. Just let me know if you're definitely able to make it. The tickets are will call (pick-up at the point of entry with a photo ID), so I'd need to change the name for the ticket.

LEE CAMP, Host of Redacted Tonight, Live Stand Up Comedy in Boston (feat. Krish Mohan)

Hey, Kids, Let's Put on a Show

Apr. 21st, 2017 02:28 am
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Or, rather, a movie! Check out what I'm doing for my grad school thesis:

If This Is Wrong: A Film About Fandom from Franzeska Dickson on Vimeo.

That's right: it's a film about queer slash fangirls. (And, yes, I was partly inspired by being irritated at the movie Slash making fandom All About The Men.)

We're running our kickstarter right now!

Or, if you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so through my school. There are instructions on our website.

Three sentences about 2017-04-20

Apr. 20th, 2017 11:01 pm
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I stayed up a little too late last night, but then slept in again, it is super nice. :^) Ok day at work, I did not in fact finish the yak that is Ansible, due to a combination of getting pulled into other things, and running into a bug that I couldn't easily solve. Need to figure out tomorrow what to do about the intractable bug, 'cause progress needs to happen one way or another. Shopped on the way home, and made Curry MacCheese for dinner; Amy and I had leftover carnitas meat in ours which she thought was ok and I thought was fantastic. :^) Played a couple of games of Fluxx with the kids after dinner, ran out of time to read Wee Free Men (to their mild dismay), and then did a bit of work on work and a bit of work on solar. Fired off another round of questions to the solar people we're likely to end up going with, and now it's a bit past time for bed.


Apr. 20th, 2017 07:48 pm
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Logan was good, although I wonder if they thought while making it that an oppressive, corporate-controlled US that people are trying to escape from over the border to Canada was more like a what-if dystopia than an accurate depiction of the present day.

Moonlight was also good, very good, I don't seem to have ever mentioned that, mostly putting it here so that when I go back looking for what movies I saw it's on the list.

The importer has (mostly) caught up!

Apr. 19th, 2017 11:02 pm
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Our content importer has mostly caught up with its backlog; almost everything that's still listed as being "in the queue" are jobs that were tried, failed once or more with a temporary failure, and are waiting to try again. (The importer tries a few times, at successively longer intervals, when it gets a failure it thinks might be temporary/might correct itself later on.) This means that new imports scheduled now should complete in hours (or even minutes), not the "several days" it's been taking.

If you tried to schedule a second import while the first one was still running, at any time in the past 10 days or so, you may have confused the poor thing. If you think your import should be finished by now and it isn't, and you're seeing "Aborted" on the Importer Status part of the Importer page, feel free to open a support request in the Importer category and we'll look into it for you. (It may take a little bit before you get a response; those of us who have the access to look into importer problems have been really busy for the past two weeks or so, and I at least need a few days to catch my breath a bit before diving back into the fray! But we'll do what we can.)

I hope all y'all are continuing to settle in well to your new home!

Three sentences about 2017-04-19

Apr. 19th, 2017 10:06 pm
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Wow, I got so much sleep last night. :^) Actually asleep by like 22:00, woke up at like 06:00, decided to go back to sleep, and slept until 07:30, woo. Another day or two of this, and woot. Day was pretty good, I spent most of it on the yak that I had been shaving (ugprading to Ansible 2.3) before I started shaving the one that I finished yesterday (moving our local Ansible repo to our new Bitbucket git server), but now that's nearly done, and I can soon get back to what I'm *actually* supposed to be doing (experimenting with AWS ECS). Made it home in time to catch today's episode of Last Airbender with the kids, did a bit more work before dinner while the kids took baths and Amy made delicious carnitas, Chaos came over for dinner and hanging out, we played a five-player game of Forbidden Island. (Still Novice level, and we crushed it, so maybe it's time to move up to Normal level, or maybe five-player is too easy? Hard to tell, the box says "2 - 4 players", but we didn't see any obvious reason it wouldn't work with five, and it seemed fun. We didn't have the Diver, who seemes like the weakest role IMHO, so that might also be why we did so well, who knows. :^) Kids to bed, a bit more hanging out, and now bedtime for me.

I demand realism

Apr. 19th, 2017 01:44 pm
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I kind of want an RTS that functions by having unit costs financed by debt instead of resource mining. Win fast enough to service your loans, or else! (And get away from the whole "GENOCIDE! MINING! GENOCIDE! MINING! GENOCIDE! MINING!" vidya culture, as a nice bonus.)

This is not yet a fully fleshed-out idea.

Three sentneces about 2017-04-18

Apr. 18th, 2017 09:12 pm
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Vacation week is weird: Since I don't need to get the kids out the door to school, I could in theory head to work earlier than usual, which would generally suit my purposes as a morning person and avoiding traffic and so on, but so far this week I've ended up lingering around the house much longer than usual, for whatever reason. Getting work done both times, but I'm not entirely sure why I don't just get up off my butt and go already. :^) Anyway, work today involved a fair bit of yak, but it is now pretty well shaved, and is a thing we really did want to do, so having it pretty well done is a fine and good thing. Home, Aquarius with the kids (extra fun now that they're watching Last Airbender), dinner, baths, Wee Free Men, and now bedtime for me too.

(no subject)

Apr. 18th, 2017 09:01 pm
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For those who are transitioning here but have also accepted the LJ TOS for the purposes of getting your data out, this procedure will allow you to claim the OpenID of you LJ account so that your old comments are properly credited to your DW account.

Three sentences about 2017-04-17

Apr. 17th, 2017 09:31 pm
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A pretty good day at work today, despite being tired, wrapping up some loose threads and making progress towards Thursday's milestone of the April Project. Came home and cooked orange chicken, played Forbidden Island again -- huh, which I seem to have failed to mention that we played last night, for the first time with the kids? Well, we did, and it was fun, and we were victorious at the Novice level with Engineer Quentin, Pilot Junie, Messenger Amy, and Diver Josh. The kids and I played three-player tonight, Novice again, and were again victorious, this time with Explorer Quentin, Pilot Junie, and Navigator Josh. The first game featured a fair bit of whining when Q really really really wanted to be the one to get the Fire object, despite this making no sense at all given the situation in the game; tonight, he was a little more cool with the idea that it didn't matter if he got one thing or all four things or no things, the important thing was that we as a team got all four things. The ending was dramatic, as we were down to seven tiles, five of which were flooded, as I just made it to Fool's Landing in time for us to make our escape.

Out of curiosity, how does Forbidden Desert compare?

Hunger games

Apr. 17th, 2017 10:28 am
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My relationship with hunger has changed a lot with the new "short window" eating pattern. ( is my previous post about this; down to 207 when I checked this morning.) Two mantras sum it up pretty well:

(1) "I'm not hungry, I'm sleepy." One of the biggest reasons I tend to eat when I don't need to is because I'm tired, because eating when I'm tired makes me feel better and more able to cope with things. Well, briefly anyway, and then I feel tired and unable to cope again, and eat more, and eventually just start to feel full and even more sluggish, and if I do it enough I'll overeat to the extent that I'll have heartburn and find it difficult to sleep, which is no damn good. I've always sort of been aware of this, but nowadays I'm finding it easier to remind myself, I feel tired and unable to cope, that a snack won't help, because the problem is sleep, not food. I don't always do it well, but I'm trying, and it's good when it works.

(2) "My body isn't telling me that I need to eat, my body is telling me that it's burning fat." I mentioned the "hunger is good" thing in my first post about this, and I've had good success remembering that, and convincing myself that every hour I spend feeling hungry is an hour that my body is running on excess fat instead of on snacks. I've largely recharacterized hunger from being a sensation that makes me feel like I need to do something about it urgently, to being a sensation that's somewhat annoying, and sometimes distracting, but which I can ignore if I've got better things to do. More like being a little cold, or tired, or sore from exercising the day before, or something. Drinking decaf all day helps too, it gives me something to do with my mouth and keeps my stomach feeling less empty. I still feel hungry; but I don't really mind.

I actually wrote all that a week or two ago, and it's gotten even better since then, because I've started more consistently eating only once a day, and that makes it *much* easier to avoid eating during the day at work when I'm tired rather than hungry, because there's no decision-making, I'm not eating until I get home and have dinner. When I was aiming for a 4 - 6 hour window, from like 13:00 or 15:00 until 19:00, I often found myself thinking in the early to mid afternoon about whether I was actually hungry or just sleepy, and whether it's time for lunch or not. Now, the answer is always "not", because there is no lunch, I'm not eating until dinner. It's a super simple rule that's super easy to apply. And I don't seem to be any more hungry or less happy or anything else as a result.

I'm not judgy of other people, but when people describe having to do something they didn't want to do, because they were hungry (like being late to something because they had to stop and get a snack, or whatever), I'm sometimes tempted to evangelize; but I don't, because I'm not a doctor, or a nutritionist, or even a very well-informed layperson. :^) I know what's been working for me, and I'd encourage anyone interested in it to try it, but I don't really know if it'd work for anyone else, and it hasn't even been six months for me yet. If anyone does try it, I'd be curious to hear how it goes for you, especially people who experience hunger as a "low blood sugar" thing; my impression (from the anecdotes in Penn's book) is that it may take a couple of days for your body to adjust, so it seems not so much like something that'll work well if you just do it casually once. In their stories of the Potato Famine phase, there's apparently a crash on around Day 4, after which things get a *lot* better. But, of course, the people who talk about this may be a somewhat self-selected set, consisting of the people with the right metabolism/physiology/whatever to enable it to work. Anyway, if anyone is interested and does try it, I'd love to hear what your experience is like.

Three sentences about 2017-04-16

Apr. 17th, 2017 12:48 am
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Hoo, it's late. What happened today. Morning, Easter, kids "hunted" for candy (hidden by Amy) and a couple of non-candy objects around the living room, delight and fun had by all. I made breakfast, Amy and the kids dyed eggs while I took a nap. Woke up, made lunch, and played with the kids in the backyard; came back in, played BRAWL and Fluxx and Aquarius and Gold Digger until dinnertime I think. Junie took a bath before dinner, Amy made pasta, Q a bath after. Some quarreling in there, enough so that we didn't have time to read any Wee Free Men, alas. Kids to bed, we registered for Alumni Weekend (and griped about changes to it, which suck) and talked about solar (making progress!). I got paged by work, fixed a thing. A bit of catching up on reading, and now it's really quite very late.

Three sentences about 2017-04-15

Apr. 16th, 2017 12:17 am
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Tax Day! Thank goodness we did our taxes early, so they're done with and stres-free. :^P Sigh. (For those not paying close attention, our current status is that we're awaiting a letter from the IRS saying that they've processed our return, and telling us what we need to do to verify my identity, which will ideally either be an annoying phone call, or a more-annoying trip to Stoneham, and hopefully nothing even *more* annoying than that.) Also, I guess Tax Day is technically Monday, since it's a weekend, and in MA, Tax Day is technically a Tuesday, because Monday is a holiday. WHATEVER.

Junie was feeling perfectly fine and chipper this morning (she threw up in the car on the way home from the playground yesterday, did I mention that? I think I did not; our guess was that she might have just been dizzy from spinning on the spinny things), so we went to shotokan as usual, and then to the library to pick up some passes for school break next week (zoo and aquarium). Home for lunch, and then a pair (matched -- identical twin sisters) of Junie's friends came over for a playdate, which they all seemed to enjoy greatly. I took a nap while Amy played with Quentin, and then took him out to try putting the pedals on his bike for the first time! We did some stationary balancing and putting down of feet to avoid falling over, and a little bit of pedaling while I held the handlebars and walked backwards, and he acknowledged how as it was not terrible, but was a little scary, and we called it quits fairly quickly, but I'm optimistic that he'll be keen to try it again soon. His helmet is also a bit small, so I'll look to get him a new one the next time I'm at REI, and a new one for myself as well since mine is quite old -- possibly while I'm in Stoneham visiting the IRS, if I need to go to Stoneham to visit the IRS. :^p Anyway, I whipped up some quickie dinner, read another couple scenes of Wee Free Men, and did some bedtimes, and then foolishly (but productively) stayed up way too late making (excellent and valuable) progress on the April Project. But now is very late, must sleep.

All Good Things

Apr. 15th, 2017 09:37 pm
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I have turned off cross-posting to LJ from Dreamwidth, effective as of the change in the LJ TOS. People who are now finally making the transition should, as always, say hi in the comments. If you have any questions about using Dreamwidth, feel free to ask me.

It's been a wild ride for 15 years. But it's time to say goodbye.
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As previously noted in the community, the four moderators of your community here ([ profile] ron_newman, [ profile] surrealestate, [ profile] cos, and [ profile] prunesnprisms) have agreed that the current state of LiveJournal under its new hosting status and new terms of service are not one we would choose to continue discussion under.

Your community will be moving to this location at the hosting tool Dreamwidth, beginning May 1. You may create a free account with Dreamwidth here. You may also choose to continue with OpenID from Google or from Facebook. Many of you will know already that this is a similar blogging site to Livejournal, maintained by former LiveJournal team members, and hosted in the US -- here is some recent information for new members posted by the team here.

While we don't plan to remove any content that's ever been posted here, we'd like to mark a line in the sand at which point we leave the top post on this community as a pointer to where we are now located. [ profile] ron_newman has backed up the community twice to make sure all our older posts and comments are preserved. However, there is no way to continuously cross-post the community, and none of us will continue to push new posts over to Livejournal after May 1.

You can read more about the concerns regarding Livejournal as a platform here

Your team of moderators are open to suggestions about the style of the community on Dreamwidth, as it has not been chosen recently and is probably not as up to date as it could be for mobile or other readability. Please feel free to share in the comments.

On a personal note, leaving Livejournal a few months ago, other than this community, was personally very difficult for me as I’ve been using this platform more than fifteen years. I do quite like Dreamwidth and had no problems migrating over. I believe in the leadership team’s statement of diversity and guiding principles. I really hope that those of you who are similarly conflicted about LJ and want to maintain an open community for us to have discussion about just any old thing happening in Davis Square will find us there.

Second post

Apr. 15th, 2017 11:08 am
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I have done a little access-granting, but it turns out an hour is about as long as I want to spend playing around with a site I may not end up using a whole lot. Translation: pop into the comments if I have missed you in my lazy round of access-setting-up.

First post

Apr. 15th, 2017 10:14 am
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I am here. I don't know how much time I will spend here, but here I am.