Oct. 19th, 2014

antimony: The text "With what, your bare hands?" and a blinking cursor, as if at a computer prompt. (with your bare hands?)
And here we have it; the last few games of the Comp.

Sigmund's Quest )
Krypteia )
Jesse Stavro's Doorway )
Paradox Corps )
Begscape, also contains more thoughts on With Those We Love Alive )
Origins )

And now to score stuff; I am one of those folks who curves scores; I always give 10s to my favorite game(s) even if I don't think they're perfect, and I generally use the whole range; I will be giving a 1 this year. Basically I put them in order from Best to Worst and then start assigning numbers. The number of really small games in the Comp is throwing me a bit; how do I rate a very good, completely bug/issue free, very short game compared to a mostly very-good long game with one or two issues? Not sure, but I have a tentative list.